How you can help - Full list.

Antifungal ketoconazole, tolnaftate, miconazole, griseofulvin to treat the fungi,as well as in dermatological shampoo for the seborrheic dermatitis caused by these mycoses.
Antibiotics (enrofloxacin, penicillins, ceftazidime, amoxicillin, as well as other similar ones for general infections, skin, post-operative)
Immune system support Yatren casein, Catosal
Anaemia treatments Dextran with iron, B12 vitamins, folic acid, vitamins C
Joint and bone problems Glucosamine and Chondroitine and calcium
Doxycycline and Imidocarb dipropionate (Imizol) (for hemoparasites such as erlichia canis and babesia) transmitted by ticks.
Sulfonamides for digestion disorders as well as digestive system protectors omeprazole, ranitidine
Pepto bismol anti acids
Metronidazole Antiemetics
Prednisone allergic or other similar disorders
Antibiotics and antimycotics for eyes and ears infections
Metacam - post operative analgesics (metacam or others)
Xylazine and Acepromazine - pre-anaesthetics

Antiparasites - internal and external parasite treatments (flea, tick and worms) the topical applications have been very good for the street animals. Medicines with ivermectin, prazicuantel, pirantel and febantel; friponil
Respiratory and heart stimulants for complications in cardiac surgery or respiratory arrest (caffeine, adrenaline, enalapril, digoxin, doxapran)
Atropine intoxication
Coagulant vitamins K to control bleeding
Eyes and ears solution for cleaning
Topical disinfectants pre-surgical and post-operative topical disinfectants.Povidone iodine(from chemists) and hydrogen peroxide.
Disinfectants in surgical utensils and floors
Furosemides and potassium gluconate for cardiovascular disorders
Vincristine sulfate or other cytostatics for the removal of transmissible venereal tumors
Work materials:
Nail clipper
Blood pressure gauge for dogs and cats (smear)
Thermal blanket
Gloves (different sizes from medium to large)
Gauze (clean and absorbent)
Elastic bandages or not
Cotton sponges
Blue curtains
Blue cotton towels
Blue plastic bags
Surgical wipes
Sutures - internal and external sutures (cargut, vicryl, monocryl, nylon, polyester or silk measures: 0-0, 0-1, 0-2, 0-3)
Scissors to take off fabrics (blunt tip)
Needle carrier
Homeostasis forceps
Needles and syringes of different sizes.
Catheter and butterfly needle
Endotracheal tubes (different sizes from very small to medium and large.
Instruments for orthopedics
Equipment for blood transfusion and its medicines

Surgery Equipment
Anaesthetic machine
Oxygen machine
Cardiac resuscitation
Blood pressure monitor (Ron) and cardiovascular monitoring.
Red inflates lamp to maintain body temperature
Autoclave for instrument sterilization.
Diagnostic Equipment
ultrasound machine portable
x-ray machine portable
Electronic microscope
Laboratory diagnostic kit - staining of giensa, gram, rumanoski, viscuit, acetic acid, immersion oil, glass sheets, potassium peroxide for skin scraping, test tubes and sediment for blood and urine tests, urine test and others Kit that could be used
Hematocrit centrifuge to determine hemoglobin
Ultraviolet lamp to determine fungi.
Incubator to make a diagnosis of planting of bacteriological crops with their products for this purpose.

Foodstuffs & other
Vitamins and minerals. Also omegas for skin problems.
Dried milk for newborn puppies
Baby bottles
Dry food for cats and dogs with supplementary for the problems of the street. No pork or beef please.
Economic support for people who are protected with more than 15 animals and help the daily work of -- recovery of stray animals and for doctors in campaigns, transport, internet, or other activity to end with the protection of animals.
Office and commercial printing equipment, computer, etc.
(All this is a dream that maybe someday can be achieved.)