Cuban Animal Rescue

Supporting vets and animal welfare groups to reduce the suffering of stray cats and dogs in West Cuba through sterilisation campaigns, parasite treatment, rescue, rehoming and coordinating food and treatments for Cuba.

If you have ever travelled to the beautiful island of Cuba you will be aware of the many stray dogs and cats living on the streets. Cuba is a country where severe shortages and lack of resources make it difficult for Cubans to care for their animals properly.

Without access to veterinary care, spaying and neutering pet dogs and cats breed uncontrolled resulting in many sick and starving animals living on the streets. These abandoned animals are at great risk to disease, injury and abuse. We work towards reducing the numbers of stray dogs and cats and their suffering through sterilisation campaigns, parasite treatment and providing no cost or low cost veterinary care for those who cannot afford it and by encouraging adoption within the community. Gradually, little by little a dedicated team of veterinarians are making a difference to the lives of these unfortunate animals, with your support this vital work can continue and increase.