What to do if you find a stray cat or dog in Cuba
that you would like to help.

You will quickly realise when visiting Cuba that there are a lot of street animals. Thank you for caring and not ignoring these poor creatures.

Sadly, there are no government shelters in Cuba so if you come across an animal that is injured or obviously very sick, please don’t delay, take it to a vet. We can help you find a vet in the area that you are staying in or your maybe your hotel reception can help.

If you find a dog or cat that you want to help, we can put you in touch with protectors living in the area who could tell you the best way to help the animal and whether they are able to do anything.

Take photos of the animal and note the exact location, please do this before you leave the area. It is very hard to get help for a stray once you have moved on.

Maybe you would like to adopt the cat or dog you find. There have been several successful adoptions to the EU, UK, US and Canada. Adoption is probably the best solution for the animal in the long run. Again, protectors can help with the adoption process by fostering the animal until the adoption is complete.

Another option would be to find a local family who would be willing to foster your dog or cat long term on your behalf.

If the animal is on a resort remember Cubans are not allowed to enter the hotel resorts so it is important that there is someone who can liaise directly with the protector and gain entry for them to see an animal on hotel grounds.

These kind hearted, dedicated protectors work tirelessly to help treat and feed the street animals during their spare time. They are all volunteers; they receive no financial support.

Please bear this in mind if it is necessary for the protector to use a taxi to reach you or the animal.

There is a map locating the protectors we know. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.